Monday, December 3, 2007

Ridiculous Library of Congress Subject Headings: Week of December 3, 2007

For some reason, Google
Images brings up this
picture for the search
"National socialism and
soccer ." Don't read into
it too much. I'm not going
to tell you what came up
for "Erotic stories, Costa
Rican." Here are this
week's tags:
  • Human trafficking victims
  • Erotic stories, Costa Rican
  • African American baseball umpires
  • Mothers of artists
  • National socialism and soccer
  • Orangeries--Italy
  • Anti-estrogenic diet
  • Deviant behavior in rabbinical literature
  • Milk ducts
  • Espionage, Czechoslovak
Stay sane this week as classes wrap up.  I'm about to have a mental
breakdown. Luckily, Silverfish has several editors to take my place.

1 comment:

Logothete said...

It should probably be noted that 'milk ducts' are a useful part of the mammalian breast and not something to do with the dairy industry.