Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bloglines - can you spot the library?

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This is neat! Much more visual interest than a lot of library exteriors I've seen...
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can you spot the library?

By jessamyn on library

A few nifty book-oriented and awesome library facades. And for a few more links to fill this out, here's a great old photo of Fred Bullock, a librarian at the Cardiff Public Library, c. 1900 and a link to the award-winning Kansas City design (from 2005) with some detail about how the project was actually conceived and managed. My favorite part is the jury comment for the competition

This project celebrates books, reading, and the city in a joyfully direct and legible manner. The lovingly rendered level of detail at a massive scale brings the books to life, transforming these modest, familiar objects into monuments infused with hope and possibility. The result may be the world's most humane and enjoyable parking structure.



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Jamie Hancock said...

I prefer Kansas City to Cardiff. The true classics are represented on the K.C. downtown library facade. As for Cardiff, do Dan Brown and Sidney Sheldon really need to be promoted more?