Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Fish Food

Recently, we had a very bad shock.

We realized that should the move to a fully virtual reading experience take place, the humble Lepisma saccharina, deprived of the glues and inks that give it sustenance, may in fact become extinct. As our slightly ironic mascot, we feel it to be our duty to provide a safe future habitat for this lovable (if disgusting and universally reviled) creature. We therefore take the following radical step:

The Silverfish Newsletter will be printing a supplemental issue of prose, poetry and black & white two dimensional art. As always we want this to be your publication, so we welcome your submissions!

Please send poetry, prose or image files to: prior to the submission deadline of May 1st 2011. We'll have broadsheets (11" by 17") ready in time for Summer!

(While your submissions cannot be returned, we promise that we will not feed them to any biological silverfish)

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