Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Looking for Love in the Stacks

Not only did the Eugene Public Library win "Best Public Space (Indoor or Outdoor)" in the Eugene Weekly's Best Of competition, the library also won "Best Place to Meet Someone You’d Take Home to Mom":

Yes, we’ve heard stories from our library-workin’ friends about certain people who maybe didn’t wait to consummate their meeting until after they’d met the parental units, but hey, those are urban legends, right? No matter who’s grappling where, the gorgeously housed EPL (also the winner in the Best Public Space category) contains more knowledge in book, CD, DVD, video, audio, Braille and other formats — including those human search engines, reference librarians — than anyone could encompass. This means you’ve got plenty of opportunities to meet cute, from winking across the room during toddler story time to banging heads as you go for the microfilm of that 1982 issue of Commonweal to competing for the same episodes of Six Feet Under. And nothing could sound more wholesome to moms and dads than, 'We met at the library.'


The Eugene Pulic Library sounds like the place to be! Providing the community with information, entertainment, and significant others. I'm not sure what kind of "cute" you'll be meeting if you go, but someone check it out and let me know.

This story so inspires me, I'm going to write a limerick. Because nothing screams love like a limerick. Sonnets? Way too long and way too complicated of a rhyme scheme. I prefer limericks to express those hard to describe feelings:

There once was a boy with no date
He went to EPL to meet his fate.
He just wanted a book
Ended up getting a look-
And got stuck with his life mate!


staticnothing said...

Just so you know, "meet cute" is actually a term meaning a contrived encounter of a potential romantic partner (like in a movie): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meet_cute


Anonymous said...

Urban legend? As undergrads, getting busy in Suzzallo was something we felt we had a responsibility to do, but then we worked there.

Isn't that why Magnuson's desk in there?