Friday, January 11, 2008

Bloglines - Bibliophile Tattoo

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This is commitment. What library or info sci related tattoo would you get? I guess there's always a Dewey Decimal number, but that's kinda cliche. Hey, if anyone is reading this, I'll sponsor a mini contest--if you comment to this post with your tattoo idea and it's my favorite (or the only), AND your name is not Jamie/Jack/Nancy or Chuck, I'll buy you a cup of coffee or tea.

The Neat Side of the Web

Bibliophile Tattoo

By Alex on Tattoo, Etc.

And who says that a book lover can't be badass? Here's a bibliophile dictionary definition tattoo, from Flickr user bibliogrrl: Link



Anonymous said...

This totally ROCKS! Of course, he stole this idea from me :)

iSchool class of '03

Mark said...

I already know so many people with tattoo regret and most of them are still in their mid-twenties...just wait till you pass 50 and you are going to feel like a real dumbass--especially since they be all faded and blury on your loose skin.

tattoo designs

Sean said...

Tats don't fade like they used to. better inks, better guns, more advanced artists. artwork takes commitment and thought. get something that expresses you and you wont ever regret it, get some dumb thing off a wall and well... guess you got what you paid for lol

Anonymous said...

yo... bookmarked style