Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ridiculous Library of Congress Subject Headings: Week of November 26, 2007

Hello all,
Hope Thanksgiving was fun-filled and full of pie. I took a little break from searching for Ridiculous LCSH to spend time with my family. Thought I would mention a tag that I don't really think is silly to catalog - it's just silly by itself: Terrorist threat warning systems--Color codes. Also a tongue twister: Wheat root rot. Trying saying that five times fast. In regards to the first entry on the list, I think you should know that an award is handed out each year to the best clown of the year. It's called the "Coors Man in the Can."
  • Rodeo clowns
  • Kangaroo deterrents and repellents
  • Pregnant women in advertising
  • Railroad tracks--Weed control
  • Holy wells--England
  • Pine cone craft
  • Bardin the Superrealist (Fictitious character)
  • Bananas in art
  • Fantasy cricket (Game)
  • Scenic byways--Iowa
By the way, in terms of terrorism alert, I'm feeling sort of tangerine. More heightened than regular orange.


The Chuckman said...

Hey, if you think Fantasy cricket is just a game, clearly you haven't watched the unrated dvd of Pinnochio. :p

kikiduck said...

I'm sad that Dog Food doesn't make the list for Bananas in art.

And, I think I made an owl out of a pine cone in first grade.