Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ridiculous Library of Congress Subject Headings: Week of October 15, 2007

I found this photo when looking for pictures of old people playing softball (one of this week's entries). However, I think this photo better represents the subject heading: "Beer Therapeutic Use Early Works to 1800." How do you explain a bare-chested man wearing a "Gimli" mask on a scooter with a plastic ax? Those five cans of Busch stacked on the fence of the backstop. Thanks to light beer, this man is transformed into a dwarf with great strength and sense of justice. But I don't think that scooter will make it through the Mines of Moria.

Without further ado, this week's scholarly findings:
  • Elbow growth
  • Period (Punctuation)
  • Footbinding in literature
  • Chemical carriers (Tankers) - Fiction
  • Garbage as feed
  • Menu design - Russia (Federation) - Saint Petersburg
  • Softball for older people
  • Idealism, Polish

I was going to include "Balloons Accidents United States," but apparently child asphyxiation with balloons is a serious problem. According to a 1997 New York Times report, nearly a third of choking-related fatalities from 1972 to 1992 were caused by latex balloons. Only food products like hot dogs, peanuts and grapes are more dangerous than balloons. Sorry to be a downer. I was thinking more about dirigibles. Or those silly people who decided to attach balloons to their lawnchairs. Yes, this has happened more than once.

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The Chuckman said...

I concur, that bare chest and scooter look is more Pass of Caradhras raiment then Mines of Moria togs; something considerably less breathable this time of year might be better. I hear Mithril is all the rage deep below the Misty Mountains this season.