Sunday, June 10, 2007

Introducing the 2007/2008 Silverfish Staff!

After their decisive victories in the iSchool officer elections (with all candidates running unopposed), we are pleased to present the Guardians of the Silverfish for the 2007-2008 school year!

Michelle Wong – Editor-in-Chief: Michelle is one of the four Whitman College graduates who infiltrated the 2006 UW MLIS cohort. She once started a temporary (day-long) sorority just for an excuse to eat wine and cheese. She hopes to work as a children's librarian because kids make her laugh, and laughter is one of her favorite things about life. Also, working with children gives her an excuse to invest her money in picture books, toys, art supplies and games.

Jamie Hancock – Other-Editor-in-Chief: Jamie Hancock is one of two University of Oregon graduates on the new Silverfish staff. He traveled all the way to Spokane to watch his Ducks play in the NCAA Basketball Tournament this March. His second favorite team is the San Diego Padres. When Jamie is not watching or playing sports (i.e. iTeam volleyball), he likes to go to concerts at Neumo's or imbibe refreshments at other smoke-free environments in Capitol Hill. Jamie's permanent home page on his computer is From now on, he will run unopposed in all elections.

Jack Baur – Publicity Manager and Yet-Another-Editor: Jack Baur actually hates doing anything that could be considered "advertising," though he does like the idea being involved in a great student publication and convincing everyone around him to read it. He has secret designs on turning Silverfish into little more than a mouthpiece to advance his pro-comic book agenda. He may be the other U of O graduate on the staff, but he'll never tell… unless you ask him.

Nancy Lou – Web-Mistress and Editor-When-She-Wants-to-Be: Contrary to popular belief, Nancy Lou is not a hick. She is a somewhat recent migrant from suburban Maryland, where she attended the University of Maryland, and was spoiled by free Smithsonian museums and underage concerts in DC as a teenager. While a former member of the iSchool volleyball team, Nancy completely lacks hand-eye coordination, but, for the most part, manages to get around without injuring herself on a daily basis. Upon graduation, she hopes to work in a special library, while operating a cat sanctuary in her backyard.

So that's the team for the coming school year. They've already had one beer-fueled meeting and are developing all sorts of plans of how to make the Silverfish a true mouthpiece for the iSchool student body. They are busily working to draft a mission statement, outlining goals and plans, which will be made available for public comment by the end of this school year. In the coming year, expect community events (read: Happy Hours), regular articles such as "Absurd LC Subject Heading of the Week," a calendar collecting all the information about all the stuff that happens at the iSchool that you don't have time to go to, and much more. They also hope to widen the use of the Silverfish Blog, making it a forum for discussion within the iSchool community. As a team, the new Silverfish staff has got big enthusiasm and bigger plans for the coming year, and hopes to have you along for the ride!

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