Friday, March 23, 2007

I Serve at the Pleasure of the iSchoolers | Letter from the Editor

Greetings, iPeople,

Spring has arrived and with it the promise of less clothing. No more donning heavy winter coats--or at least not as often--and the cherry trees are going nuts with blossoms...Yay, and I do mean yay!

Browse or read with focus, it's all bueno. Where to start? A few ideas: the Jessamyn West of interview, stories on a Cambodian libraries internship and public libraries in India, a couple of things from alums, book reviews and all sorts of other writey stuff. Thanks to all the contributors and the crack 'fish staff.

What with everyone in charge serving at the pleasure of the president these days, it's surprising he doesn't look happier. Me, I'm pleased to report that I have enjoyed serving at the pleasure of you iSchoolers this academic year, and while this isn't the last 'fish, I wanted to welcome the recently elected 'fish officers for 2007-2008. This year I've been working with two of the new 'fish Big Cheeses--they've been a wellspring of good writing: James Hancock (he's got a new piece on how on-line gambling efforts are being thwarted--including his) & Jack Baur (a guy who writes a dang good weekly column, even if it is once a quarter). My hat's off to you, as well, Michelle Wong and Nancy Lou. Don't miss the nice piece Jack put together introducing the team in this issue. Congratulations to all. Here's to a fat and sassy '07-'08 'fish!

Send your contributions to Do it for the kids. And the portfolio. Muchas gracias, everyone!


The Staff of The Silverfish
Joyce Hansen
Editor, The Silverfish Blog, Feed & eNewsletter

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