Saturday, January 6, 2007

Hello and welcome to the Blog version of The Silverfish! We've been a web magazine for so long, and now you can get updates here as well!

Sometimes these will be quick announcements, you know, just quick news updates, kinda like this one! We just want to keep you up to date on stuff that happens.

Speaking of stuff that happens... The Silverfish Newsletter is a student run magazine that comes out of the iSchool at the University of Washington. To learn more about what we do check out this history and explanation of The Silverfish.

Now, this is our first blog post, and if you'd like to subscribe and you don't have site feed software, check out this free one called RSS Reader. Using the RSS Reader you can subscribe to any website that hosts RSS feeds! That means you get updates when the blog or website updates.

Did you know that mail software like Mozilla Thunderbird have RSS set ups in them also!

To subscribe to the Silverfish in RSS please right click here and then copy this link. When you open your RSS aggregator, click on Add and copy that link into the next field. For atom use this link.

If you are willing to contribute, please email us at!!



The Silverfish Web Editor, '06-'07

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